[Partnerzy] Klub Coco

Music Club


A place with a special emphasis on the fun, satisfaction and safety of customers. The atmosphere of the club is created primarily by great music. The guests have at their disposal 3 carefully prepared bars, 2 dancefloors, a VIP room and a smoking room.

[Partnerzy] Krakowska Szkoła Biznesu UEK


The Krakow School of Business UEK since 1991 offers MBA programs and post-graduate studies. The rich educational offer is also supplemented with prestigious trainings and courses. The mission of the Krakow UEK Business School is the successive supply of knowledge.

The Krakow School of Business UEK educates over 800 students a year, and its offer has been used so far by over 27,000 people. More information: www.ksb.biz.pl

[Partnerzy] Krakowska Akademia


Krakow Academy Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski

Established in 2000, a higher academic school, being the largest non-public university in Małopolska and the second in terms of the number of students in Poland. Depending on the direction, he provides education at the level of first and second cycle studies as well as uniform master’s studies. He has the right to confer doctoral degree. Over 18 thousand students are currently educating at 19 courses offered by the university.