How much and what you pay for and what the price includes.

Room rent


The room fee consists of 2 elements:

Room rent

Additional Fee

Room rent depends on a room type. The additional fee is fixed for every dormitory resident.

200 PLN
3 os. 490PLN Water
Unlimited Internet
Protection and monitoring
Towels changing and washing
Bed lining changing and washing
Common space cleaning
2 os. 590PLN 790PLN
1 os. 1250PLN 1450PLN

In the Unibase dorm, we give you the choice of 4 rental periods:

  • winter semester – 5 months (17.09.2019 – 17.02.2020),
  • summer semester – 5 months (17.02.2020 – 17.07.2020),
  • academic year – 10 months (17.09.2019 – 17.07.2020),
  • 1 year – 12 months (17.09.2019 – 17.09.2020).

When making a reservation, a one-time administrative fee in the amount of € 60 is required. Upon confirmation of reservation, the administrative fee becomes an element of the entire registration process and is not refundable.

In order to finalize the reservation, it is required to pay deposit (in the amount of one-month rent and additional fee) and administrative fee. For students who are permanently residing abroad, the deposit is doubled. The first rent hast to be paid by the 17th of the month in which you move in.

There are following types of payments possible: traditional transfer, e-transfers and credit card payments.

We accept the following cards: VISA, VISA Debit card, MasterCard, MasterCard debit card, Maestro

For booking you can use our booking system on our website.

  1. Please follow the tips in the system.
  2. After the payment you will get the Lease Agreement in Polish on your e-mail address (you can find the best possible translation on our website )
  3. Please complete all the documents signing every page and send scanned copies via e-mail:
  4. The originals of the documents you should give us at your arrival.
  5. Documents from the university should be presented then as well.

You will receive your room number automatically as well as the roommates (in case of double and triple room).

If you want share the room with your friends you can invite them very easily.

  1. Please do the registration
  2. Then choose 2 beds in double room or 2 or 3 beds in triple room
  3. Then you will be asked for e-mail addresses of your friends
  4. They will receive invitation code, which should be used during their booking (it is 3 days valid).