[OFERTA][POKOJE I CENNIK] Pokój 1-osobowy

An apartment created for people who particularly value their privacy; it ensures comfort and independence. A room with an area of 16-18 sqm is lockable and fully furnished: a bed, a desk, a chair, and a spacious wardrobe for your clothes. Above the desk and bed, there are shelves waiting to be filled with books, gadgets or favorite trinkets.

The bed is equipped with a comfortable 90×200 cm mattress and a bedside lamp. The kitchenette with a fridge has an area for preparing meals. On request, we will purchase the necessary tableware for you. The room has its own bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.

Because we care about the environment, energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED bulbs make up the lighting. To make it cozier, there are curtains in the windows. The electrical sockets are located in easily accessible places to ensure quick connection of the laptop and make it possible to charge a smartphone.

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